Denis Oates Photography: Blog en-us (C) Denis Oates Photography (Denis Oates Photography) Mon, 05 Jul 2021 09:17:00 GMT Mon, 05 Jul 2021 09:17:00 GMT Denis Oates Photography: Blog 120 80 Lynne & Tony Hurlston Hall Wedding It was great to get back to shooting weddings last's been a long time.

After several cancellations Lynne and Tony were finally able to get married and even operating under covid guidelines nothing was going to stop everybody enjoying themselves.

The venue was the fabulous Hurlston Hall Ormskirk with Lynne having one must have shot, a sunset shot out in the grounds.

I think we managed it...

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Product Photography One Flash Product Shot

I thought I'd show you this simple table top set up shot during lockdown.

Now before we start I better get it out the way with, I'm not offended by photography manipulation in any way. I've been practicing it in one form or another my whole photographic life, from the early days in the darkroom to now on my computer. I firmly believe that the computer is a tool that can help you become more creative with your photography and help you create eye-catching thought provoking images.

Most of the images we see and admire have been manipulated in some way and I'm not offended by that in any way, admittedly I don't like all what I see but that's because its subjective, what I like might not be your cup of tea and vice versa.

Now I've got all that out of the way I can show you this simple little shot taken at home on a table with the minimum of equipment.


The shot on the left shows the glass with two black pieces of card to give definition to the edge of the glass with a large piece of trying paper as a sweep from back to front.

The shot on the right shows the set up from behind, one flash firing through the tracing paper.

Once the main shot was captured showing the glass and its contents the flash was removed an a. second shot was taken lighting the Stella logo, then a third shot lighting the head of the beer.

The three images were put together, cut out and dropped on a gradient background. From set up to the finished image took less than two hours and one can of beer (Carlsberg as I'd run out of Stella)!!!

Nothing earth shattering but just a nice clean product shot with minimum equipment in a short space of time....



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Liverpool New York Iconic Waterfronts

I've just been watching the second series of Das Boot, it's about German U boats during the second world war.

While watching a scene set in New York I thought back to my recent holiday to the Big Apple and how I enjoyed seeing the architectural influences of my own city of Liverpool. This obviously didn't come as a great surprise because of the strong historic links between the two great cities but I always find it fascinating when architecture can trick you into believing your somewhere your not.

Anyway, on further inspection of Das Boot, with the tv on pause, I realised that the New York scene was actually being filmed in me again!!!

I took the two shots below within a couple months of each other.

I just happened to be doing a job across the water in Birkenhead on the front and as I was walking into the venue I noticed the sky over Liverpool with the sun breaking out of the clouds behind me.

I rushed down to the railings and grabbed a couple of shots before the sun went back in behind the clouds.

This Is UsThis Is UsThis Is Us


This shot I'd been looking forward to trying to get for almost twelve months. We, as a family, went over to New York for my daughters eighteenth in December.

Again it was a grab shot as it was a bit of a bun fight to try and get a good position on the ferry but managed to do so and got the shot below.

This Is UsThis Is UsThis Is Us




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North West Wedding Venues For me living in the north west is special, being a wedding photographer in the north west of England makes it extra special.

From the city scapes of Liverpool and Manchester to the rolling countryside of Cheshire and Lancashire and on upto the majestic Lake District, the north west has something for everybody and for couples choosing a venue for their wedding, the options are endless.


Hoghton Tower

A venue steeped in history.

The long climb up to the fortified hilltop Manor House gives commanding views of Lancashire and indeed the whole of the north west.


The wonderful banqueting hall 


The battlements




In contrast Broadoaks is a beautiful country house hotel tucked away in the heart of the Lake District.


A warm and intermit atmosphere is guaranteed at this wonderful venue



Browsholme Hall

This unique historic house is set in picturesque gardens and lies in the Forest of Bowland


The beautiful Tithe Barn



The Inn at Whitewell

Another stunning venue nestled away in the Forest of Bowland. Once a small Manor House parts of the inn date back to the 1300's.




The beautiful marquee 


The Inn right on the banks of the River Hodder


These are just a few of the wonderful venues we have in the beautiful north west of England...

I'll post some more in the near future.


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Fuji XT2 My migration from Nikon to Fuji has been a little drawn out. The XT1 is a fabulous camera but I wasn't prepared to ditch my Nikon system for it, the XT2 has changed that.

The faster focusing, the 24mp sensor and the dual card slots are the main improvements for me and along with quality affordable lenses the migration is almost complete.

All I need to do is get the rest of my Nikon kit on ebay!


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Pam and John's wedding in Fazakerley just outside Liverpool.

It was a last minute booking and I only had the chance to meet the couple once, the week before the ceremony, so I didn't get to know them as well as I'd have liked.

On reflection though I don't think any amount of meetings would have prepared me for the recessional....or should I have seen something in those mischievous eyes and that cheeky grin?




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Autumn Winter Wedding Offer I've changed my Wedding Album supplier to QUEESBERRY

And to celebrate this event I'm reducing my Wedding Day package DOWN by £100 for your Autumn and Winter Wedding.

So that's a full days photography from Bridal Prep to First Dance with an online gallery and a beautiful 15 page 10x10 QUEENSBERRY Wedding Album for the incredible price of £1,050.

This offer is obviously on a first come first served basis and is subject to availability so don't delay get your Autumn/Winter Wedding booked today!!!


Please read my post below describing the beautiful Queensberry Wedding Albums.


I have just received my first couple of sample albums and I have to say they are simply stunning.

From the moment you get through the outer packaging you find a stylish sturdy presentation box, inside of which is a velvet bag protecting your precious album.

This little piece of theatre builds you up to expect something special and you are not disappointed.

The smell of the leather bound album is the first thing that hits you as you pull open the draw strings of the velvet bag, the weight is also an indication of the quality that awaits.

Even though you are desperate to open the album to see your images you have to pause and admire the quality a beauty of the album itself, it really is a quality product.

The only problem you'll have is deciding what you want from the seemingly endless choice of options from the size of the album to the style, the page finish to the cover material, the choice seems endless and a little daunting but this can be easily talked through and explained after your honeymoon in the comfort of your own home.

The beautiful hand crafted albums from Queensberry are the perfect way to show and treasure the photographs from your special day so please have a look at their website to see the quality and choice they offer.




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30 Second Still Life  


I shot these four images in less than 30 seconds each and spent less than a minute on each of them in Lightroom.

Now you might not think much of them and that's fine because this photography malarkey is very subjective but

I think they're little pieces of art.

Don't get too tied up with the technicalities just use your eyes and look for the photograph. Start easy, as I have below, with fruit and vegetables and flowers, looking for the textures shapes and patterns .

You'll take a lot of ordinary shots but every now and then you'll produce a little master piece, and the more you look and the more you shoot the easier the whole process becomes and before long you'll be seeing images all around you.


All images shot with the Fuji X100T







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Sue Becks Granddaughter Emilija  


I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the wedding of Tom and Egle back in 2013 and last week I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to their beautiful baby daughter Emilija.

I manged to get a few shots of her that I've been allowed to share with you all.



   Emilija fast asleep....



   Emilija thinking happy thoughts...


  .....Emilija waking up and seeing me...I've had this effect on women all my life!











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The Fuji X Series  


Well it's finally first ever blog!!!

It might be a good time to point out a couple of things right from the start;

I'm not going to get involved in the technical details of any camera equipment I might talk about, I'm not qualified to do so I'll steer well clear of that one.

And also I apologise right now for any spelling mistakes or bad grammar that may appear in this or any upcoming blogs.


I have just invested in a new camera system, the Fuji X series.

After many months of reading, studying, soul searching and basically just trying to convince myself I needed to invest in such a beautiful looking camera system I decided to go for it and bought the Fuji XT1 with the 56mm 1.2  and the 10-24mm zoom along with Fuji's new X100T.

Picking up the Fuji XT1 for the first time reminded me of my Olympus OM2 a fabulous camera that started me off on the photography road many years ago. TheXT1 is small and compact with lots of dials so all your adjustments can be made from looking at the camera as opposed to delving into the hidden menus of the modern breed of DSLR's.

It got me thinking of the fun and excitement I used to have taking my camera everywhere with me, taking photographs sending off my Kodachrome 64 and waiting for the postman to deliver my results a couple of weeks later. It was long and laborious but it was exciting.

Fast forward a couple of decades and my cameras have grown so much that I now need a case with wheels to transport it and all the accessories a professional photographer needs to carry out his day to day job.

Now I'm not knocking my Nikon system it has served me well over the years and I have no intention of getting rid of it in the near future but the last thing I want to do is hump all that equipment around with me when I'm taking photographs for pleasure so the way I've got around this problem is by....

not taking any photographs for pleasure!!!

Isn't that sad.

Hence the need for a smaller system but when I started my research I discovered more and more professionals where moving over to the mirrorless system completely leaving their DSLR's in the corner never to be used again or trading them in for a new kit half the price and half the weight and size.

The thought of being able to carry the equivalent amount of kit in a small Billingham was and is very appealing so my investment was not just based on a camera that would help me rediscover photography for pleasure but was made with it eventually phasing out my DSLR system.

I was heavily influenced by the work and thoughts of

Kevin Mullins


Damien Lovegrove

both X series ambassadors  and also

Damian McGillicuddy

who is the the Olympus ambassador.

All three of these professionals are excellent in their field and their work is stunning and all produced on small compact mirrorless cameras.

Whether we like it or not the camera is shrinking and with our obsession of the selfie this process is quickening leaving the camera manufacturers fighting over their share of the market with Fuji, in my opinion, leading the way.

Anyway enough of me rambling on please have a look at a few of my images from my first few trips out with the two Fuji' you may notice I've also rediscovered my love of black and white photography.....



   Fuji X100T Anthony Gormley's Iron Men


    Fuji XT1 Formby Point


   Fuji X100T Birkdale Sandhills


   Fuji XT1 Southport Pier



   Fuji X100T Sefton Church



We all make excuses in life and mine was most probably one of the most feeble of all but what ever kit you've got pick it up get out and rediscover your love of photography...

I have.




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