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Here at Denis Oates Photography, we offer a range of photography services, from personal celebrations such as weddings, to corporate events and commercial products. As part of our services, we are pleased to provide clients with excellent sport photography services. From Southport to Ormskirk, to Formby, you are sure to be delighted with your sport photographer when you opt for Denis Oates.

From our website, you can see how Denis Oates beautifully captures the moving body in a range of different sports, from athletics to gymnastics. A strand of photojournalism, sports photography is typically required for images in newspapers and magazines, as well as for commercial purposes in order to build a brand.

A sport photographer needs not only the right camera equipment, but the right skills, in order to perfectly capture people in movement. In some cases, a certain level of blur is used to create the sense of motion and make the image come alive, and in other cases, the blur should be minimised in order to capture an instant, unique shot. When carrying out your sports photography, we can discuss your requirements, and combine the aforementioned elements with knowledge of the sport and the athletes being photographed.

Based in the North West, for more information on how Denis Oates could be your sport photographer, get in touch today and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.